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Looking For TERA Game Guides

10 Apr

I’ve been looking around the web for a guide for TERA Online (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) but I can’t seem to find a guide that can help me. I was wondering if anybody out there can can help me? Doing some research on my own, I came across this website which reviews Killer Guide’s guides. The review explains in quite some detail what Killer Guides is about.

By reading the reviews, I got a better understanding about Killer Guides and what they do:

Here’s where the fun comes in. Their TERA guides have actually been available (while in development) weeks before the official game launch. I’m still baffled how a third party guide company actually gets their content out faster than official guides (I assume they are not allowed to publish it any earlier)

Okay, that’s good to hear. Now I’d like to ask you guys: do you have any past experiences with Killer Guides and their guides?

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TERA Online Class Guide

12 Nov

As games evolve and become even more intricate and developed, people in general are becoming more creative. Gone are the days when you have to worry about the same classes with the same abilities being the only choice for play. The TERA Online classes are sure to not only amaze anybody who plays this graphically rich game, but also to keep players entertained for hours on end as they discover the wonderful classes and the skills associated. Getting a TERA Guide walkthrough for the classes before starting on the game is also recommended for new gamers so as to not waste time testing out the classes or making regretted class decisions from start. Of course all the classes are beautifully created but everyone has a different play style as well.

The slayer is going to be, without a doubt, one of the most popular classes. Not only do they wield a gigantic broadsword with only one hand, they are also lightly armored to give them a frightening speed in combat. These characters are perfect for people who enjoy speedily gliding through combat and slicing through their enemies.

The sorcerer is, and always will be, one of the legendary classes for any game. Not only are these characters strong in the ways of magic, they are a deadly adversary on any field of battle. People who choose this class will be glad to know that they control the elements of fire, water, and energy. Because they don’t need weapons or armor, the money from their battles can be spent on items to strengthen their most important attribute – their minds.

The classic warrior has an all new meaning in the new TERA Online Classes. Unlike many games, this one offers warriors the great ability to wield two weapons at once with absolutely no negative effects. What could be better than a martial warrior trained in battle and wielding two terribly destructive weapons? Alone with this the warrior is also able to them to move quickly into and out of battle at a moment’s notice, devastating people on the other side of the battlefield.

The archer is another class that will always be popular. Not only is that archer able to do regularly expected things such as shoot arrows with a terrible quickness and take down enemies from afar, in TERA the archers are actually able to set devastating traps. There is nothing more dangerous then a character who can trap you, then kill you from a distance. Arches take up the traditional role of the rogue and the ranger in TERA, making them a benefit to any party no matter how strong the others are. There is always need for death from a distance.

For more in-depth information about TERA Online Class, don’t miss out on this Ultimate TERA Online Manual.


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TERA Online Baraka Race

11 Nov

The TERA Online Baraka race are arcane keepers of knowledge and ancient secrets. Above all else, they value wisdom, and go as far as to build the most ambitious libraries and archives to store their vast and endless knowledge.

The TERA Online Baraka act as TERA’s patron historians, storing information about all of the races, their histories, religions, societies, politics, and values. This enables the Baraka to make careful judgments when dealing with the other races of TERA.

Much like their allies, the Poporis, the Baraka prize peace and preservation above all other things, following a philosophy of pacifism and balance. If you’re interested in the Poporis, details about the Poporis could be found at the TERA Guide website. The Baraka race see it as their charge to defend the weak races of Tera, protecting them against looming darkness with their ancient, powerful knowledge over the magic arts, and their unyielding dedication to the path of the noble warrior.

The Baraka adorn their homes with hallways full of ancient texts of all varieties, keeping a good record of their bloody history when their former allies, the giants, embarked on a violent path of conquest. The Baraka giant clan turned their backs on their former allies, forsaking the violence of the giants for a more peaceful and constructive role in the world of TERA.

The Baraka value and respect all societies, and are less wary and fearful than the Amani or the High Elves. The Baraka embrace those races who would venerate peace and choose justice over imperialism and world domination. If a Baraka believes that a sizable empire is a threat to his people or his allies, he will break his vow of pacifism to begin a war against them.

The TERA Online Baraka dodged the fate of the Day of Flame, which spared their lives as a species. Following in the footsteps of their arcane god, Oriyn, the Baraka continue to catalogue the entire history of Tera with astounding precision in the annals of their cavernous dwellings.

The Baraka have willfully joined the Federation in hope for a more peaceful future for TERA, banding together with Human and High Elf alike to use their knowledge as a weapon of justice and balance.

Time will only tell whether or not the ancient secrets of the Baraka will be appreciated by the races of the Federation, or abused by selfish means to secure world domination with he use of powerful magic. Whatever the fate of their people, the Baraka will remain one of the most intriguing races on the planet of TERA.

If you want to learn more about TERA Online,other game information such as classes, race, game play, and strategies could also be found from The Advance Book of TERA Online.


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